ALL I COULD DO by Luvving

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The homeless and alcoholic life on the streets get little help and have little confidence in those who try to help!

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



All I could do

All I could do was look and sigh; watch as he slurred and begged passers by.

Intoxicated he’d passed all care, growling for money to buy more beer!

Another was begging for money too, barefooted, tatty trousers, and unkempt, seemed confused.

A sign around his neck read “hungry and thirsty please help”!

His teeth partially rotted and such urine stench.

The cardboard where he laid was soaking, drenched.

With blanket, newspapers and dog as well.

As I moved along the pitch black night through the dim lit alleyway

I witnessed the homeless and the true reality

Noisily bedding down to rest for the night, as frost bites and rats come out for space to fight.

Where foxes now challenged men of homelessness for what they have not.

The cold concrete hard on their bodies was their lot!

Samaritans come out in the small dark, cold hours, they bring soup and sandwiches

To warm these homeless souls.

There are eyes that peep out from their cardboard lair, some thank these Samaritans

While others demand beer!


By Luvving

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