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It is a good thing for a child to know and understand their culture.
It is for parents to educate them!

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012



Am I too black?

Teach your children their history, don’t indulge their naivety.

Let them know to be black is strong, and that black isn’t wrong?

Tell them about the hero’s who are black; let them know we are

Worth a lot; to humanity and in this world.

Don’t ever let them say” Is it because their black, they’re always at the back, racially under attack, accused of things they know not; their colour they feel is holding them back!

Educate them culturally, let them know their nationality.

Tell them about their roots and the struggles that you’ve faced

Don’t make them feel negative, make them into a positive human race!

Teach them to have some pride and ambition.

And yes it’s because they’re black, they are in need of that.

They need to prepare for the struggle ahead; to achieve what they want,

‘If they fight use diplomacy, let no one stop their voice from saying “ Is it because of the shade of their skin that their life is ten times more difficult; like a sin!



?written by Luvving

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