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The words of wisdom as one searches their soul.

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Anywhere thou goeth!

For it was in the darkest hour, I searched my soul; twas’ a time of contemplation.

I knew right from wrong, so had a choice.

Should I take the wrong road?

Ye, who seeks out the Father in these times, shall be guided; so take heart!

What is the wrong road?

The devil’s way?

The domain called hell; where if you settle in it, there is no return?

The gate of tragedy and despair; some of us weren’t meant to be; but when you sell your soul, then this I define as the wrong path!

Your personal hell!

If thou wilt remember the Father’s words, when he sayeth unto thee “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”, then knoweth that if you do right by the Father,

When your day of judgement is revealed, you shall be given justice!

So with that, put asunder all bad things and feelings towards others; and know that Jah will take time in contemplation of the things in your life that thou hast done.

Know this too; that not every sufferer in this life, in this time; shall be suffering for no reason!

Accept your pain.

Lest ye sleep and see not what the workers of iniquity doeth unto thee; then know that you are not alone, and those who have done ye harm shall reap the wrath of the Father .

For in the time of deliberations, let him be the guide and deliverer.


Written by Luvving

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