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In recent times walking down the road and observing your surroundings can get you into problems with peoples paranoia!

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



Are you paranoid

Each day one walks along the street; such paranoid confrontational people we meet.

It’s so extreme that if you look around your surroundings as you walk; you’ll hear the voice of an agitated ignorant person saying “What are you staring at?”

“Or she’s staring at me” !

Then they pick arguments, make derogatory comments.

Is the world going mad, looking for arguments where there’s none, they all want to play bad!

Then there’s a breed who think you’re attracted to their man,

It’s sad all the same, because if they trusted him paranoia wouldn’t set in.

So they abuse you and in the process humiliate themselves.

“Don’t look at my man”! are the words you will hear.

They curse you about your colour, size, and weight.

Men too get in that paranoid state.

Accusing other men of “ eyeing up their women”!

Then they start looking for fights. That is paranoia gone wrong!

So where do you look when you’re out on the street?

Up in the air, on the ground, or close your eyes and just walk because paranoid people are offended by you watching your step?

For the misery of a few, others suffer unnecessarily.

Yet they walk around in packs, like wolves; seeking trouble with anybody!

Funny, when they’re on their own, some don’t even look your way.

And they too are the people who stare, and criticize everybody.

Well trouble comes in two’s and three’s, as petty cowardice cause these people to be the way they are!

To see is a blessing for those who have sight.

What would they say to a blind person?

They don’t have a right to life?



By Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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