Black woman's, mixed view

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A woman's view on life around her.

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012



Black woman’s, mixed view

I’m a black woman, in a mixed town; with socially mixed views as I and others move around!

I’m a black woman who sees my limitations, and benefits too; channelling them into positive resources, as others who are ambitious do!

I lack the love of my fellow human beings, yet within me lies the care that some will see!

I’m a black woman in a mixed town, built on a colourful community, from many walks of life and different backgrounds.

There’s joy and laughter, misery and pain, murders and senseless killings, people with no shame.

There’s drunkards and drug addicts, muggers and aggressors too!

Children without guidance, parents who are afraid to be who they should!

As their offspring take control of them and stampede, defame, make notorious,

The homes they live in!

The voice of authority doesn’t mean a thing!

I’m a black woman who sees hatred among nations, creeds; spiralling out of

control like when rats over breed!

Like marauding animals, they are territorial to the last; and always you have

to mind what you say for fear of upsetting the leaders of the pack!

I’m a black woman, with a sensitive approach to others miseries, and the

things they go through!

Today is the day I voice what I have to say to you; hoping sincerely you’ll understand my points of view!


Written by Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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