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Doubting and accusing a lover of what they have not done really stings!

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



 If my heart was like an open book, you’d read and see what’s true.

How you’ve hurt the one whose love you had;but I won’t break down over you!

Thought you had no reason to doubt me at all;

thought you trusted me, like I trusted you!

But the gossip mongers have got to you;


I know the truth will prevail, then what will you do?

They told lies, said they saw me kissing your best friend.

We’ve both told you that’s not true, but it seems you want to trust them.

Which say’s you never trusted me darling, so why should I trust you?

Alone I am with pride and dignity; no one to whisper sweet words to me!

No one to distrust me the way you did.

But love is alive and I’ll find someone who will. Love me, trust me,

believe me when I know I am true.

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