Childs Eye(Baby's Eyes)

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A baby knows how to get your attention through crying, but this time will baby get their own way?

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Child’s eye(Baby’s Eyes

I’m gonna cry to get my own way!

Yes that’s what I do, watch mummy hush me.

She’ll give me a drink and something to eat; try to make me comfortable, it works for a bit!

When she is tired at night, I’ll disturb her again; sometimes she gets dad to try and feed me, bring up my wind.

He soon gets fed up when he realises I ignore him, then finally here comes mummy and I win!

There’s times I overdo things. Cry, wind her up for fun; but she leaves me to keep crying and I go on and on!

Tonight she is determined to let me cry, and I’m getting real tired now, she’s more determined than I.

Fine, she just isn’t giving in, not the way I planned the whole thing.

Never mind I’ll go to sleep because I’m tired!

Yeah, she’s won.

Just wait, I’ll give her hell tomorrow; I’m a baby after all, got to keep mummy on the run!



written by Luvving

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