COLD NIGHT by Luvving

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what happens when your love has gone away?

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



 Cold is the night, that seems to question what I feel

No love, no little happiness is here.

Gone is the cosy thought, of romance and good loving

I now must face the wrath of reality.

Cold nights, frost bite, flashing lights is all I’ll have

Now that you’ve disregarded my care.

Minds swelter in cold nights, for without love the space is tight

Only minds sweat in the coldness, shut away.

Dull is the day, that I wish would go away

I ask myself why do I carry on.

Grey gloomy sky, smiling people pass me by

In that misery with which I stroll around.

Trapped in the shade of the night cold and dark.

Where dark shadows, they cover my eyes.

There be no love, just cold memories of you

In the night when there is no one to talk to.

Here comes the night, with the cold dark, and quiet

How I long to feel the warmth of someone.

The sheets are so cold, and there’s a dent in my soul

Where you left it the last time you were home.

Shut me away in the night and the day It doesn’t matter,

I’ll shiver and be bare,

Hoping you’ll find it in your heart to come home

I’m slowly fading here,

Here in the night where I’m cold!

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