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Whatis common sense?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



Common sense

If you are never forgiven for what you have done wrong; it follows you around all the time and life can’t be much fun! Is it always wise to be honest, loyal, and true; or isn’t it best to say nothing at all? Did you ever have good intentions though you may have been discouraged? So what do you do? Give in to others or just get on with it?

How can you say you feel love for one in a few minutes of knowing them? Is there some psychic thing going on? How do you know that you aren’t wrong?

What is the driving force in you, your inspiration that shines through? Or are your batteries easily recharged, that keeps you going perfectly? When someone has offended you, ridiculed you,; you feel such a fool! Do you run and hide through shame, plot their fate, or bounce back again?

Suppose there is room for you to progress, after getting out of a mess. Would you grab it with both hands, or leave it for another one?

By Luvving

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