De Burial (Maas Linval)

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A Caribbean poem which tells of the funeral of a man who everyone loathed, and the things people say and do when you're no longer there to defend yourself.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012



De burial (Maas’ Linval)

Wait! Noh tomorrow dem ah bury ole Maas Linval; de man weh dem call “raas” miserable!

Dem seh him live long time, an ah time him dead, fe dem get de likkle dead lef fe gwaan goh spen.

Yu should ah hear how de people dem ah laugh an rejoice; how dem raise dem glass tu de dead man, why?

Dem treat him soh bad an mi nevva understan; till mi hear

Smaddy get up an ask fe attention!

An him taalk an him gwaan wid some terrible tings, but suddenly de man him start fe sing,

“I am glad now yu dead yu raas-claat yu“!

“I am glad now yu dead yu raas-claat yu“!

Yu have plenty more dan yu need, an yu live yu life tru greed; mi kyan spen yu dead lef, notton yu kyaan du!

Goh hear de people dem; “Ole man Linval, yu dead an

Gaan, but yu money inna de bank still ah linger aan!

Yu live long time, ah full time yu dead fe mi get yu likkle dead lef fe gwaan goh spen!

When yu look out pon de road, ah pure Rolls Royce.

Everybody inna designer clothes, dress up nice!

All ah pickney ah joke seh dem kyan buy nuff toys.

Yu woulda nevva believe seh smaddy dead inna dem life.

Dem seh ole man Linval, weh yu deh now; yu noh need De money weh yu did ah sidung pon; yu bone noh even white yet but yu “raas” well dead!

An any weh yu duppy deh, come watch mi spen!

Some ah halla, some ah baal, an nuff ah rejoice.

Dem odda one ah niam curry goat an rice, fish an banana, Some goh back twice; an some ah tumble dung; tru dem ah drink white rum!

De pickney dem ah sing fe dem owna song; an ah soh de “wake” fe Maas Linval dis ah gwaan an gwaan!


By Luvving

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