Domestic Defence

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It's a topic that is aired more frequently in this day and age.
Yet a woman defends herself and is locked away to fight for freedom.

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



  Domestic defence


Here I am lying in a cold prison cell; on a hard bed contemplating.

What I’ve put up with for years, all the shame, and the heartless

Savage beatings.

While it’s called domestic abuse, it’s brutal and demeaning.

Black eyes, broken jaw, broken wrists; yes the list is never-ending.

On this day he took a knife to me, for my life I struggled desperately.

As we grappled; in me fear, he tripped and fell on his own tool.

And laid there still ; knife embedded in his chest.

Yet I sit here in this little dingy cell, fighting to be freed from even more misery.

Everything is pointing to my freedom now, as I was never the aggressor.

Many knew he’d been this way before, and the countless times I’ve had to go to hospital.

In the same way he treated other women, this time he went too far.

When all I wanted was the daddy of my children to be with them as they grew.

Now I sit at night and try to figure out why I never left.

How I hurt inside when my children ask my momma where I am.

He never was too bothered if the children were around when he attacked.

Now he’s gone I must be strong, my children deserve that.

The lawyers and my family, my friends are on my side.

As God knows they had begged to make me see sense, but I tried.

To keep together family life, for my children to have us both.

It’s hard for a single woman with a child, and worse being single with four.

No matter what excuse I make for staying in this sin

It doesn’t alter now that I am in a jail fighting for freedom!


Written by Luvving



© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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