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Road accidents are always horrific but when a drink driver sits at the wheel it can bring out so many emotions.

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012



Drink driver

Party over friends are gone, music played now in background.

Many people having a good time, some sodden with alcohol

Some teetotal all fine.

Thought I’d take a break before clearing up the mess

Spread out on the sofa in that rather flimsy dress.

Don’t know how it happened or when I closed my eyes.

Tiredness had got me, the sleep it couldn’t hide.

Thought that I was dreaming when I seemed to hear a knock

Knew I wasn’t dreaming when a shouting voice called out.

Stumbled to my feet, diminished senses were in tow

Never knew what was going to hit me as I opened the front door.

I recognised my guest who just left about an hour ago

She said I’d better sit down, there’s bad news and I should know.

So now I couldn’t sit and told her to tell me straight away.

She said it’s Jimmy, he is no more, he drank and drove

Crashed a tree, finished in a wall.

I couldn’t speak, couldn’t catch my breath, the shock was all so great.

I vaguely remember feeling hot, oh yes she said I fainted.

Jimmy and I go back as far as kids, and we were always together in company.

Now there would be no more Jimmy, because of stupidity.

So many times when Jimmy drank he’d never touch his car

Yet just this morn, don’t know what was going on.

He drank and drove away his life.

I want the people who think they can, to put away those thoughts.

Don’t drink and drive, try staying alive, and by you no one will get hurt.

I won’t forget the life and soul of the party dancing close by.

So tell me why oh why did he do it?

Why did Jimmy have to drive?

Though fun was had we’re all now sad.

Drink driving took Jimmy’s life!


By Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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