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When a woman's family has grown up and left home, she feels that she has outgrown her husband and divorces him to be with a toyboy, though she could be his grand-mother.

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Ethel an Eli

Miss Ethel an Maas’ Eli deh togedda fe many years an de family grow up an ting!

At de ripe ole age of seventy, Miss Ethel decide seh she noh want him!

Dem divorce, sell de house an Maas’ Eli gwaan him ways.

Miss Ethel she tek up ah young bwoy half fe her age.

De bwoy ah only tirty-five, but Miss Ethel never give ah diam.

Ah play she waan fe play young gyal, ah tek chance wid ah younger man!

One night dem start ah likkle love play, an tings start tu progress.

Poor Miss Ethel she try fe tell de bwoy seh she ah feel pain inna her chess!

Him get excited an ah groan real loud, dat time Ethel let out ah sigh!

Him tink seh ah fun de woman ah have, never realise seh ah dead de woman dead!

Him done an lie down side ah her ah tell her seh, fe ah ole woman she is ah honey.

Yu si when him realise seh ah dead she dead; him seh “Mi did ah wonder how long yu did ah goh tek, now mi kyan goh spen yu money”!



?Written by Luvving

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