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Do you have consideration for the less fortunate?
Do you ever consider others have serious needs and you should be grateful for what you have?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012




Give Thought

Give thought for those who have no home, as wanderers lost, dark streets they roam.

Cold ground their bed, no food to eat as all kinds of vermin pound their beat.

No shower, bath, no change of clothes, for granted we take these things.

Give thought for others suffering.

Give thought to those who are alone, no one to call when things are wrong.

No help when they’re in dire need, no family support no friend indeed.

Where illness comes can‘t help themselves, some die in squalor and no one hears.

Give thought to those who are suffering.

Give thought for those caught up in wars, young children, mothers, lives and loss.

No water, hunger, mass disease, where soldiers die from wounds they receive.

So many people fade away, as war destroys them day to day.

Give thanks for life for food we eat, clean water vegetables and meat.

The clothes we fuss about each day, for granted we take these things always.

When next you walk along the street, be thankful that you are able to do it!


By Luvving

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