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When you are kind and helpful, people seem to take you for granted.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012





Am I kind or stupid for my own good;

Should I be mean, have a bad attitude, and even be rude?

Many have abused my generosity, though I am not exactly weak,

They still seem to take liberties.

If you’re hungry, I’ll feed you, quench your thirst as well.

If you’re homeless, have no one, I’ll look out for you for a while.

I don’t want rewards, nor praise, all I do is purely from the heart.

And although, there are those who will take me for granted,

Those genuine, will appreciate what I have done.

Am I weak, a sucker for sob stories,

manipulated easily by , the best tales people tell?

I still believe that if you do some good, however small,

Prosperity will follow you as well.

Or is it that though I know that some are cheats and liars,

I will allow them to go too far with me?

Will I eventually be reluctant to assist those,

who are in genuine need?

At times, I feel like the fool, who everyone has been waiting for.

Especially, when I am taken for granted, by the people I love and adore.



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