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Ever had the problem of speaking and never quite getting your point across.
When even politeness has no effect.

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012




Listen yet not hear

Temperament of a pained screeching bird, echoless words, rebounding back to your own memory.

A voice that yells anxiety, yet never gets heard, only to feel offended by those they cry out to.

Despairing of insanity not polite no more, obnoxious words expressed angrily.

Result of talking and not being heard, so shout and holler takes over from dignified words.

Now tensions boil like putrid soil, the rancid words of obscurity heard; from the one who speaks and is never heard.

The air unclean, vocabulary turns obscene, when you cry out and are dismissed with doubt.

An irate mind says there’s nothing to lose, so without inhibitions your mouth becomes loose.

Finally comes the replies, with sarcastic verse from staring smirking eyes; only to patronize and criticize the words you angrily express; yet none relates to your anxiety you wanted to address.

Like toil and strife demeaned through life the feeling of being repressed; no wonder you show such aggressiveness!


Written by Luvving

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