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When you give your heart, your love, your time, and find that you are being cheated on, do you finally say no more?

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Locking you out

I locked the door tonight, no you’re not coming in

To lie to me again about the fool you’ve been

How you made a mistake, you were led astray

I’d prefer if you keep yourself far, far, away.

You’ve done this once before, you made my heart hurt pain

The late night calls, the flowers on your credit card bill

The perfume on your clothes, which I know isn’t mine

The different person you’ve become, you’re so unkind

If someone else means so much to you

Why are you coming here to me

Can I have some respect, some dignity

If you choose to love another, leave me don’t treat me like

A fool.

Come clean respect is due.

I chose you when I could have had, somebody else

I thought you had the values I hold dear myself.

To think that love, is never to see the road ahead

That you would deceive the one who helped you in your stress

The change in you at first seemed to be more success

I thought that giving you my time, would bring you happiness

So now I know I’m wrong, I’ll bite my lip and say

I finally will send you and your deceit away.

It’s twice this has happened, no more can I stand the lies

If you must go then leave me be

But I wont let you disrespect, or cause me more unhappiness


Once it was you I adored.

Now I am wounded by you

A heart that is broken in two.


Written by Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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