Love or Lust,which one?

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When someone lusts after you, do you mistake their intentions for love?

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



Love or lust

Love and lust are far apart, one is meaningful while the other has no heart

For after imparting the physical acts of love, man is detached from the carnage left behind; aching heart of a woman seeking love!

Impassive and only knows that he has achieved his goal.

Lie, lust lay and leave, that’s all a woman means to him!

Detached from the confusion left in his wake, a woman who is hurting,

As she thought she’d found a true mate!

Man’s brains are seated within his loins; for charm and charisma is his way of overpowering a woman’s weaker side!

So much for macho maleness, capturing a woman’s emotions, is his quest!

Then high and dry she will be, when lust has taken the place of love; something she did not foresee!

Love and lust are far apart, meaningless, selfishness, to the man with no heart.

Yet women the world over fall for their games all the time!

Which all ends in tears, and not surprisingly man refuses to accept he has been wrong;

It’s up to women to stop them, or they’ll just carry on!



Written by Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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