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When a child is close to their "grandma", and she passes away, he starts to reminisce about times spent with her.
A Caribbean poem written in "Patois", the Caribbean dialect,

Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012



Mamma bake cake

Mi remember when mamma used tu bake ginger cake, mi used tu grater de ginger fe she put inna ah it!

She put it inna de oven an when everyting done, mi get de first piece, as her favourite grandson!

Mi remember when mamma used tu cook pon Sunday, mi noh tan ah fe mi yard, mi gaan roun’ deh!

Fe mi piece ah chicken always be de leg.

Fe mi madda never cook it like mi grandma did.

Mi remember when mi stop arf ah mamma pon mi way home from school; ah something mi always du, mi love her soh!

But when mi tun inna de yard, mi see mi madda ah baal.

Mamma dead inna her sleep, bout half past four.

Mi never know seh mi coulda baal until dat day; cause mi never have noh reason tru mamma always si mi ok!

Nowadays when mi gah ah de graveside an si dung deh,

Mi start fe smell de ginger cake weh mamma used tu bake!

No mamma isn’t here anymore, but spiritually mi feel her presence.

Noh care weh mi goh!

Mi owna madda try fe mek de chicken an cake same way; but ah only mamma kyan mek it fe mi enjoy!


By Luvving

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