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The whole subject of domestic violence gets covered up.
When a woman is abused it is dreadful, but when a man is abused it is often not reported or he bears it in silence because of his shame.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012




Man Abuse

From the confinement of his home, curtains drawn he suffers alone.

His dictator speaks, he leaps in nervous bounds; not knowing when this woman’s rage would be another brutal tirade.

She beats him mentally, physically, verbally; he returns from work to face the humiliation of her tyranny.

He cooks, he cleans, but five minutes late earns him a bed space on the garden path..

A concrete bed, cold hard, dark!

In withdrawn state he struggles on, works nine till five,

God alone helps him to survive.

She takes his wages, nothing can he do; he goes to the park, cries in a corner feeling lowly.

Friends call him a fool!

Not sure now that he can take anymore as she blackens his eyes when he walks through the door.

It takes very little for them to disagree, she will attack him with no mercy.

Ask him if his life’s alright, he’ll defend the devil who is destroying his life.

Then hell knows there’ll come a day he’ll say no more; will leave, go away.

That’s when she’s going to realise, there’s help for him and he will survive.




Men are abused by women too, and the subject is blanked because of shame and emotional effects just as women who are abused by men suffer.

Are we not all human?

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