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The betrayal of a friend can be hard to live down.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



 I built a shield around my fears

Gave trust to those I thought they cared

A title as a friend of trust foe in black dust, bread burnt no crust!

I shared with you my personal tears

My faults and secrets kept for years

Now I must hang my head in shame

As you desert me, and defame.

I never dreamt you’d let me down

That one sad argument would change the tone

A friend I thought I knew so well

Has sold me to a living hell

Everybody knows my toil and strife

My secrets now an open book

Betrayed with a twisted knife

Toxic words from my friend turned enemy

Who with others laugh at the betrayal of me

Petty talk we shared as people do

Has surfed the air, everybody knows

My other friends no longer speak to me

Because of tales you’ve told to contaminate me.

I bow my head and cry in shame

My personal secrets scars my name

Yet still you walk with tales to tell

I’m the song of the gossips mine is a living hell

So many were glad to see the fall

Of a friendship they never liked at all

Jealousy has given gossips joy

As my life is played out for all to enjoy.

I built a shield, around my fears

Look now, it has become hot tears

As my friend, so I thought has betrayed

The secrets of my life, to all her friends

Forgetting that I too do know

The things about you, others don’t

As time moves up and the gossip fades

Your day will come when you’ll be betrayed! 

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