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How sweet can love be, between two people?

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



 Nourish me with kindness; nurturing the woman in me.

Teach me your own wisdom, help me to relate to your needs!

Let’s grow and know each other, expressing how we feel.

There’s times I’ll make you mad, but don’t you shout about it.

Those things we’ll talk them over, in open honesty.

Respect, admiration, and patience, will help us to glow……. To glow!

Our closeness may grow…… and who knows!

Fruitfully adore me, like a juicy peach I’ll be sweet.

You to me are like a vintage wine; strong, full bodied, tasteful, refined!

Your aftershave’s enchanting, my perfume draws you near

. We’ve many things in common, love could blissfully be shared.

We’re bubbling together, like quality Champagne!

Just show me some warmth and affection, and I will do the same……the same!

Over and over again……over again!

You can make me feel good, as we laugh and talk and embrace.

Share a joke or two with me, and when the time comes we’ll talk seriously.

We have time to grow together, if that is what we want.

There’s no one who can stop us, Oh I know that they can’t!

We’ll have some quiet moments, at times we’ll both need space

Let’s build on the friendship we’re sharing, trust will come too….come too!

There is nothing that can get in between us, if we’re true………!

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