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Racism, the everyday scourge of society, is still rearing it's ugly head.

Submitted: June 04, 2012

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



Who say’s racism is not alive, and that you have to dive Within a sea of deep,

where thoughts others have of the affected Run on infected, malicious speech.

Well racism is alive, being breastfed in many a guise.

From disability, creed, gender, escalating at speed.

It is not an airborne disease, or else control would be the remedy.

It has a specific voice that speaks derogatory in tone, acts abominably,

Instilling fear, defensiveness, not the act of people blessed.

Even though there is the cry of hate

there are those who continue to stoke the fire to their acquired desire .

Racism is alive, so many are wary, suffer, try to survive.

Why should some hold the fort of misery

knowing a few don’t feel they have the right to be, to exist.

Racism is alive, with the disabilities some face and have to strive

Even though there are those who question whether they should live or die.

From the street you will hear them cry. . . We hate, segregate, spastic, mongrel, fairy cake. . . .

Who gives the right whether another should live or die

Whether their colour or skin is accepted or not by another being.

A right to live is the respectful thing, as is disability, gender

To whom should the affected surrender, still trying to breathe love;

rejection in their efforts. To hate is a bitter pent up emotion of anger,

Racism is alive, time to search your inside, love others for who they are

they too have their pride and the right to be who they are!

Racism travels far, leaving scars, and inevitable wars!

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