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A mother who has lost her way and neglects her children for the sake of feeding her alcoholic habit.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



She don’t care

So she wakes up in the morning, her head hurts, her make up smudged from the night before.

She drains the dregs from the empty glass on the table and searches the empty bottle wanting more.

She ignores the squabbling children, they’ve had no breakfast as they slam the door for school.

But the cupboard has another bottle of that alcoholic drink, she craves that more.

She fills her glass with shaking hands as she gulps the early morning’s first drink.

She is a mess from head to toe, but she don’t care just so long as she feels she can cope.

Though it’s clear she has a problem she won’t admit that she needs to clean up, make things right.

Seems her children have to raise themselves, and be the adults of their lives to survive.

Yes she wakes up in the morning, sometimes strange men tumble out of her bed.

She don’t care that her children see this way of living, she just won’t change her ways.

As she runs her fingers through her hair, she lights a cigarette and slurps her drink.

Even though the house is an awful mess, she’s not fussed, she leaves the housework to her kids.

How can this mother be, all what she ought to be.

It’s gonna take a miracle, as this seems so impossible to change.

New things will only happen if she accepts she has a problem

Seeking help!


Written by Luvving

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