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We are all surrounded by Angels, but these Angels were different.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Song of Angels

In calm of early morning snow, the scenery bright as there’s a glow.

A voice hums to a merry tune, and harmonies descend and swoon.

Their words could not be audibly heard, but differed from the sound of birds.

So rise I did to investigate, to see the spectre of glowing faces.

Those sweetened tones drew closer near, the peel of bells that pierced my ears.

In front of my astonished eyes, in early dawn this was a surprise.

An Angel sparkled with golden wings, lift up her head in solo sing.

I watched the trees bow to the tune, the sunset settled all so soon.

The morning birds now were awake, the song they sang made earth to shake.

Never had this happened here before, the blessings here on me bestowed.

For when these angelic tones did fade, I all but feinted so amazed.

I woke within my smooth warm sheets, and still could hear an angels voice with me.

I thanked the Father for this night, and know that things for me will work out right.

As Angels come in times of need, and I needed that touch from somebody.


By Luvving

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