The Bird and the Squirrel

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The Squirrel is desperate to capture a bird, but the bird has decided he won't be caught.

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012




A bird perched on the branch of a tree; resting there contentedly.

A squirrel, hungry at the sight, moved in with a leap; to get a bite!

Dear bird was alert and flew, knowing what the squirrel wanted to do.

As other birds flew to the tree the squirrel tried, unsuccessfully.

Then frantic got into a rage, and leapt from branch to branch,

trying to catch other prey!

Squirrel then changed it’s tactics, and went to the ground,

scampering fast and wild going round and round.

Then came a bird bouncing on the ground, when squirrel caught sight of it,

There it sprung!

But late again, the squrrel was enraged;

jumping with madness was the scene as the crazed, frustrations of this small creature,

took hold of it’s little being.

Then there came a scamper, a bird in the tree, and the squirrel was up there


Too bad the bird got away again, the squirrel, well he’s still trying in what seems vain hunting!






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