The Haunted Bridge

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Ghostly happening's over a bridge.

Submitted: May 04, 2012

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Submitted: May 04, 2012




“Come and get me, here I am, by the river don’t tell mum”!

Those are the words I could hear sang, by children’s voices, yet I could see no one.

I shudder now as I recall that day two years ago today.

Twas’ a quiet, dark cold night and I was making good my way home from Aunty Marjorie’s home in Villa’s Yard, half a mile from the old dark bridge.

It was a journey and route I’d often used, as dear Aunty Marjorie was now very old and I would buy her provisions, get her evening tea, and give her the medicines she had to take for her arthritic pains.

She’d sit in front of the blazing log fire, which felt so homely, welcoming, I’d find it hard to steal myself away in the evenings.

This particular evening was no exception to others, and as I kissed aunty goodbye, I closed and locked the door behind me hoping she would be safe until the carer came the next morning.

I started my journey, I reached the corner of Villa’s Yard rather quickly, as it was cold and I just wanted to get home.

I turned into Lucius Walk, and felt aware of footsteps pattering behind me. I dared not look around but gathered speed as now this eerie sound of feet gave me chills.

Pausing at the main road, I refused to look back, and as soon as the vehicles passed I quickly crossed the road, heading for the bridge.

Eerily enough as I climbed the stairs to the bridge, came the stomping of feet and children singing.

“Come and get me, here I am, by the river, don’t tell mum”!

The cold darkness of the river at 9;00pm, was scary enough as there were no street lamps or lights, to guide the way.

As I sweated, body vibrating, I realised there was no one to be seen where usually there was an old man who walked his dog, and two young girls who always walked by in silence!

Half way over the bridge, there was an almighty splash in the water. Fear gripped me so tight, my heart pounded for what seemed like a lifetime.

The end of the bridge was vaguely insight and the voices of children singing could be heard.

Now there was the sound of little feet running, stumbling, moving fast causing the bridge to vibrate. A gust of wind whooshed past me, as I now in terrified mode gathered every last ounce of speed I could muster from my jellified legs!

As I reached the end of the bridge I froze at the sight of the two young girls I usually met, and their companions, two young boys!

They stood at the bottom of the stairs, stared, smiled at me.

Suddenly they were singing the song I’d heard so many times recently.

“Come and get me, here I am, by the river, don’t tell mum”!

I lost my footing and must have taken a tumble down the steep stairs, because I woke up in hospital remembering nothing.

Nursing a broken leg and sprained arm, I asked the nurse what the time was, she said it was 11;15am.

Confused I asked the date, but she told me I was found two days earlier by a man walking his dog.

I asked what about the children who were singing, but she dismissed the notion of children out in the night by the cold river singing!


I sank back into the hospital bed, and asked for a phone to call dear aunt Marjorie.

There was no reply!

That afternoon I overheard a visitor speaking to another patient about the mysteries of the dark bridge.

She said that a young girl called Katya Simons, had been pushed from the bridge into the river three years ago, and each anniversary of her demise, the voices of the children who jumped in to save her could be heard singing.

The picture was now very clear. The bridge was haunted!

Katya Simons was always warned about walking across the old bridge, and to this day no one knows who pushed her.

The four children who attempted to save her, lost their lives!

It was known by many that no one braved the bridge on the anniversary of that fateful night.

Known by all except me!

A short tale by Luvving

© Copyright 2017 Luvving. All rights reserved.

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