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A Caribbean poem.
How do you know when a word is bad.

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012



Wah name bad wud!

How yu know seh a wud really tan bad?

Well yu know when yu seh someting an smaddy get mad!

But mi noh hear some ah seh “raasclaart“; an de way dem talk it, whole heap ah people ah laaf!

As far as dem concern ah jus’ habit or slang, but it kyan cause hell in ah big argument wid man!

Mi noh tink some ah dem know ah wah dem ah talk bout?

Wedder ah raasclaart, bombo- claart, or any odda claart!

An wedder man or woman, dem ah seh soh same way.

But when yu goh seh pussy- claart, yu hit de target of de meaning inna ah different way!

Ah noh man wear de same claart weh dem ah cuss night an day; but dem cuss it like ah neck-tie smaddy seh dem ha fe wear!

An while mi reach pon de subject of pussy, an claart.

Man seldom refuse pussy, even if dem ah goh tek it mek talk!

An de claart ah de same claart weh woman use monthly, fe women’s needs.

So both pussy, an claart, become useful commodities!

Yu ha some wi argue seh ah bombo- claart, it name; but ah raas dem ah talk an mi noh badda wid dem!

Woman anatomy fascinate some man, inna ah way dat it become ah serious obsession!


By Luvving

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