When 'ere'

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Wishing for the perfect love,

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012




When ere’ I miss that velvet kiss, that you would give me free

I look to the sky and watch heaven shy,

as your face adrift I see.

When ere’ I dream in shades of green, a forest will appear

Where water just flows, humidity so,

and the birds sing out of tune as they go.

When ere’ there is night, and stars rays bright,

a melody jolts my mind.

A sweet serenade as the ballad  is played

for lovers at first sight.

When ere’ there is rain, with storms and hail,

I’m thankful the earth is blessed.

For there’ll be no drought as the skies they cry out

and abundant is fruit at the harvest.

When ere’ there is snow and it drifts and it blows,

there’s a picturesque memory to behold.

As after such show there the icicles grow,

sharp and crisp under feet on the ground.

When ere’ there’s no say at the end of the day,

then tired our minds will be.

For sleep beckons best, our brains we will rest

in preparation for the following day.



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