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When love fades, don't look back, move on up.

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012




When the little that you have is taken away,

and love has gone astray; it’s no more.

Weep not, nor fret, as my philosophical ideals tell me

what is to be, will be!

When the power you had over one’s affections for you,

is no longer effective,

Has been defused;

then you will have but one less to think about,

as when you go through your daily life of toil and strife;

it will cross your mind that what you had taken for granted,

will be no more!

Your conscience or what little you have,

will speak to you and tell you that you have erred in many ways.

Too late, I’ve closed that gate!

Thus acknowledging that what you took for granted was a good thing.

Well good things come to an end!

Inevitably love that you once experienced,

which was so meaningful, caring, sincere;

has disintegrated before your very eyes, and memories are all that’s left.

For time has come when the woman in me realises,

that life has more to offer than a few stolen moments;

yes I am that such woman, and I too am worthy of true love and affection!

Not whatever you want, whenever you can spare the time!

What you see in me, cannot compare to the other men I speak with,

who are waiting in the wings.

Still I do my own thing!

My decision to call it a day,

Is based on the realities of your actions towards me.

For my own good, and to deter your own selfish peace of mind;

peace you derive from knowing that when you once called,

I would respond; replaced by the things

A long time ago I should have done. Gone!

Wherever you are, and whenever you think of me,

always remember I am the one who got away!

Accept that love fades in the face of one-sidedness;

something you have ever been good at;

so now I’ve laid it to rest!


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