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When a relationship seems one sided, what is the answer to the situation?
Do you let him treat you mean?

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012




You’re the one who’s priviledged to love me when you want to.

Even though I now begin to have my doubts about you.

Talk to me all lovey- dovey, making me feel good.

Blanking me whenever you are feeling in that mood.

Well I’ve news for you because you’ve done it much too often.

So it’s time for me to find a love with much more passion.

Someone to fulfil all of my womanly needs.

After all look in my face you won’t find any trees.


I’m just tired of this one sided love, I’m giving all the time.

To be treated like your puppet, who you play with when you like.

Yeah I hear you, yeah I feel you, and I know what you’re gonna say.

How I should know you love me,

So why treat me this way?


Over and again I’ve reassured you that I love you.

Still your insecurity has got the better of you.

Let me say again there ain’t no forest in my face.

And if you’re passing time it’s not with me as I won’t stay.


Can’t take no more moodiness nor foolish petty quarrels

First you do and then you don’t, it’s crazy what is happening.

Confusion and misery, no that just ain’t me.

I must find a lover who will cater for my needs.


It’s a loveless life when all you do is frown and sulk.

Then you treat me like a plaything, so now I am getting out.

You were priviledged to have me to yourself.

But you’ve lost me I want happiness, and I’ll find it with someone else!






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