Enchanters Beginning - Excerpt

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The beginning of Enchanters and how it all started, you meet Rollins and how he fits into the plot.

Starting in 1431, Lucille and Raoul are traveling to pay their respects to their fallen friend, Joan. Before they reach their destination, they are stopped by Rollins, a mysterious Enchanter from Lucille's past. Rollins exposes Lucille as an Enchanter and warns her that the Chasseurs, an elite team of demon/witch hunters, are after her. Raoul has to come to grips with his wifes true identity and they have to return to their home to keep their children (whom are unaware of their powers) safe from Chasseurs.

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014



France, 1431


The night was unusually dark, the moon was hidden behind a large gray cloud and no stars were visable. Lucille shivered and pulled her cloak tighter around her small frame.
"Raoul, are we close?" She asked.
Her husband looked down at the map sitting between them, holding the candle closer to try and make out the last marker. "It's hard to tell. I can hardly keep up with the locations, it's so black out tonight."
Lucille sighed and leaned back, the clunking of the carriage was starting to grind on her nerves. She hated traveling by carriage, she would have much rather ride horse back on her own. "Well I hope Perry is staying alert out there on the reigns. His attention seems to wander during the night." She remarked.
Raoul smiled, "Love, Perry may have a wondering mind but even he can not be as dense as to bypass an entire city."
Lucille smiled ruefully, "You put too much faith in a man who just last week set his tent aflame while trying to kill a spider no bigger than my thumbnail."
"Accidents happen." He laughed.
A moment of silence fell and they listened to the sounds of hooves rhythmically hitting the ground. "I miss the children." Lucille finally declared to her husband.
"As do I," he replied quietly, "But you know they are safe with Annaliese and Johanna."
"I know. But what if-"
"There is no what if. They are safe."
"We thought the same of Joan."
Raoul took a sharp intake of breathe, "Joan was foolish." He said in an almost whisper.
"What if we are being foolish? Raoul, I can not settle this feeling of unease in my stomach. My senses are telling me we shouldn't have left."
"Your senses have been wrong a number of times."
"There has been a number of times where they have been right, as well." Lucille hissed.
"Love, please, just take my word. We will be back with our children in two days. Hardly enough time for them to miss us. Watch, we will return and their only concern will be what presents we brought back for them."
Lucille smiled in spite of herself, "You know I hate when you do that."
"What? Make you see logic?"
"No, when you make me smile when I don't want to."
"Dear, it's why you chose me."
Lucille opened her mouth to retort when the carriage jerked to a halt, sending her and Raoul crashing into each other and the candle into the seat. Raoul quickly stomped the flame before it could spread.
"Perry! What in the world!" He cried, throwing the door open. Standing in the doorway was a small, handsome, dark haired man.
"Well hello, Lucy. How lovely to see you again." The man sneered.
Raoul held his arm to his side, blocking Lucille.
"Rollins. What are you doing here?" She demanded.
"Funny you should be asking, as you are in my city." He responded, "When they captured and executed your dear Joan, I knew your group would be gathering. And you know I can't resist any gathering where you will be, Lucy." His eyes roamed her body, "I've missed you."
Raoul pulled a small knife from the fold in his boot, "That is my wife, sir."
Rollins laughed, the sound echoing around them. He raised a hand and the knife blade rolled up on itself. "That was adorable, Raoul."
Raoul dropped the useless blade and staggered backwards, his eyes wide.
Rollins lauged his cruel laugh again, "Oh Lucy! You're husband looks as if he has never encountered magic before!" Lucille put her arms around Raoul and glared at Rollins, "Leave! Now!" She hissed.
Rollins eyes widened, "Oh no, you're not telling me he doesn't know. Come on." He clicked his tongue, "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.. Your own husband doesn't know what you are? What a shame."
Lucille whipped around to face Rollins, holding her palm towards him, "So help me Rollins if you do not leave right now.."
"You'll do what?" Lucille jumped from the carriage and raised her hand to the sky and lightening lit the sky, hitting a nearby tree and causing it to crash into another.
"The next target will be you." She snarled.
Raoul paled, his hands shaking and his mouth dry. "Lucille.." he croaked.
"It is amazing, isn't it?" Rollins taunted Raoul, "Such power your wife posses, and yet she hides it."
Lucille stepped closer to Raoul, holding her hand in front of herself defensively.
"What are you doing here?" Raoul spoke up from the doorway of the carriage.
"I've come to warn Lucille. Deliver a message."
Lucille scoffed, "Warn me of what?"
"They are actively searching for you." Rollins said, he almost seemed compassionate.
"Who is searching for her?" Raoul wondered aloud.
Lucille felt the air leave her body, "The Chasseur de Demon." she whispered. She lowered her hand, "How do they know about me?" She inquired.
"Joan. They tortured her until she gave names."
"I don't believe you," She responded harshly, "Joan was closer than a sister. She would not be so traitorous."
Rollins grabbed her shoulders, shaking her, "You don't have to believe me. The fact is, they are looking for you, and you are prancing into their arms." His dark eyes pleaded with her. Her ice blue eyes remained hardened and unbelieving.
He released her and turned to Raoul, "Please, take her and turn around. Go home to your children."
"What do you know of our children?" Lucille spat at him.
"I know that they are unprotected right now, being watched by two fat hens who wouldn't stand a chance in hell in stopping the Chasseurs if they decided to go after them."
"Master Raoul?" A voice sounded from the darkness, a figure stepped around to the side door of the carriage.
"Perry," Raoul acknowledged in shaky voice.
Perry stopped short of Rollins and Lucille, "Hey, you're the fellow who was standing in the middle of the road!" Perry pointed a finger at Rollins and raised his voice, "What do you think you were doing? In middle of a trail in this darkness, waiting on death?"
Rollins rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, Perry fell the the ground and started snoring immediately.
Raoul moaned, "Can we take a moment and acknowledge the fact that out of nowhere this man with magical powers stops our carriage, seems to know you and care enough about you to try and save your life, and expose the fact that you also have powers? Oh and if someone could explain why there are demon chasers after you and our children, that may be helpful as well."
Lucille flushed, "Raoul.." She started.
"What is there to acknowledge other than your wife is a liar?" Rollins snorted. "And she will be a dead liar if you do not turn around right now."
"We are not going anywhere until we pay our respects to our fallen companion." Lucille vocalized stubbornly.
She turned to the snoring Perry on the ground and snapped her fingers, instantly he woke again.
"Oh, Madame, I'm so sorry, seems I couldn't keep my eyes open.."
"Just get back on the reigns, Perry." She ordered and went to get back in the carriage, Rollins put his hand over hers, "Lucy, don't make me beg."
Raoul cleared his throat, "Lucille, we're going home."
"No!" She raged, "You are the one who merely an hour ago told me I was being foolish for wanting to go home! That my senses were wrong."
"Then I was wrong. I realize Joan was important to you, but you are important to me and to our children. We need to heed this mans warning." Lucille sat down in the carriage and waved her hand, lighting all of the candles.
Raoul shuddered inwardly, "Is that agreement?" he asked.
She stared coldly at Rollins, "This changes nothing between us." She stated harshly.
"I wasn't foolish enough to hope that it would." He replied swiftly.
He shut the door and watched the carriage turn around and take the love of his life back to her home with her husband and children, where hopefully she would be safe.
The carriage ride to their home was mostly a silent one. Lucille, lost in her own thought only stared out the window. Raoul stole glances every now and again, trying to make sense of everything he had witnessed. Finally, when sunlight was breaking, Lucille spoke. "I lied to keep us safe."
Raoul only looked at her, she was staring at the space right beside his head.
"You have magic powers. That you forgot to mention for the last fifteen years." He refuted duly.
"We call ourselves Enchanters. I can't help what I am. I have tried getting rid of these powers, but there is not a way. The only way I could think of to get rid of them was to pretend they did not exist. So when I was fifteen, I stopped using my powers, and swore to never use them again unless absolutely necessary."
Raoul couldn't find any words, she glanced at him hopefully, her chest heavy.
"What about the children?" He finally asked.
"They will also have powers." She said grimly.
He slowly nodded, he dropped his gaze from Lucille's eyes to his chapped hands. "Who was that man?" He asked, still not meeting her gaze.
Lucille opened her mouth, and inhaled a deep breath. "His name is Rollins."
"I know that much, Lucille." Raoul snapped.
Lucille recoiled, Raoul had never so much as raised his voice in the whole fifteen years they had been married.
"I'm sorry," he mumbled, "I just meant.. he treated you as if he was in love with you."
Lucille blushed a deep scarlett, "H-he.. he used to be." She affirmed.
"And you loved him?" She nodded. "What exactly happened, Lucille?"
Lucille felt all of the memories come flooding back at once. She and Rollins no older than nine, chasing each other around their small village.The way Rollins use to smile at her, what it was like to spend the day wading in the creek with her skirts tied around her knees and her hand in his. Him picking yellow daisies and honeysuckles and placing them in her hair, making her blush. She and Rollins as teenagers, sitting together under the moon, stealing kisses and naming their future children. Then the night she wishes she could erase from her memory forever.
"When we were fifteen, we were supposed to meet after sundown, I was waiting for him by the lake for hours. Finally I convinced myself that he had fallen asleep early, so I started walking home. On the way, I passed the woods where I found what sounded like crying. I made my way through, and I saw Rollins, and he was-" she broke off, the memory playing in her mind.
"Lucille?" Raoul pressed.
"He was practicing dark magic," She murmured. "He was trying to strengthen his powers by using an animal sacrifice. It's against the rules of being an Enchanter to use a blood sacrifice to strengthen powers."
"Why was he trying to strengthen powers? It looked like you had strong enough powers without a blood sacrifice."
"My family is the original Enchanter family. We have the strongest powers and Enchanter can have, and he was jealous that my powers were stronger. He wanted to be on par with me."
Raoul had no response. Silence fell over the couple yet again. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"JOHANNA!" Alix cried, her face soaked with tears. "ANNALIESE!" The two women came running to the young girls aid at once, "Alix! What is it?" Johanna asked, scooping the little girl into her arms. "Thomasse is saying Mother and Father are never coming back, that they left because of me." The girl wailed, she threw her arms around Johanna's neck and sobbed into her collar. Annaliese sighed and went to find Thomasse, while Johanna took Alix to the sitting room to soothe her.
"It's okay, love. He was just being a mean older brother. Your mother and father will be home very soon, they would never leave you." She assured her. Alix's tears subsided to hiccups and she sat up straight. "I miss them so much." She sniveled. Annaliese swept back into the room with a sullen looking Thomasse stomping behind her. His arms crossed high on his chest he looked the the opposite wall.
"Alix, Thomasse has something he wants to say to you dear." Annaliese announced.
Thomasse fumed, "Sorry." He spat out, not sounding sorry in the least.
Alix, however, seemed to not pick up on how ungenuine her brother was being. She climbed down from Johanna's lap and went to put her arms around her brothers waist. A reluctant smile appeared on his face. "Okay, that's enough," he alleged, pushing her away gently, "What's for dinner?"
"Well, if Katherine ever decides to come back, we'll be having bread and onion soup. Though since she's not here it looks like just bread." Annaliese replied.
"I'll go look for her!" Thomasse volunteered enhusiastically.
He raced to the door and before either of his caregivers could slow him down he was on his way through the woods.

Some minutes later, Katherine was walking through the very same woods carrying a basket overfilled with wild onions. She was humming to herself and thinking of Phillipe Amyot. At just fifteen, Katherine was already the spinning image of her mother. Long, white blonde hair, fair skin, and eyes the color blue that challenged the sky. Katherine stopped to sit at the base of a large oak when she had the feeling of being watched. She stopped humming and slowly turned around. There was no one that she could see. She felt a chill go up her spine, she quickly picked up her basket and tried to hurry back to her home.
"Katherine!" She heard someone yell, she turned around and saw her younger brother chasing after her. She let go a sigh of relief, "Thomasse!" She chastised, "You scared me. Stop sneaking up on me!"
Thomasse looked puzzled, "I wasn't sneaking, I was running through the woods. It's not my fault if you're daydreaming of your dear Phillipe!" He teased. He pranced around his sister, "Oh Phillipe! Oh Phillipe!" He sang. She reached out to swat him but he danced out of her reach, "You brat!" She spat. He stuck his tongue out and started running back to the house, Katherine took off after him.
They reached their small cottage and ran inside. "Johanna, Annaliese, you're going to have one less child to watch after I cook Thomasse for dinner!" Katherine teased, grabbing her brother up and spinning him around.
The ladies walked into the room with Alix trailing close behind. "Finally! The onions! Now we might actually have dinner!" Johanna exclaimed, she picked up the basket and took it outside to put the onions in the boiling water.
Alix ran to her older sister and jumped in her arms, "Katherine, don't cook Thomasse!" She pleaded.
Katherine giggled and kissed her little sister on the crown of her head, "Just because you asked me so nicely." She told her. The three children went to help their caregivers prepare their dinner, and all the time they were unaware of the eyes watching them from the edge of the woods.






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