My Little Kitty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Awkward teacher plus a former bully equals a relationship? Surprisingly, it works. Read how a seemingly innocent teacher forces to forget his past and move on, and actually move on to love a bully from that past.

Table of Contents

Another Day, Another A**hole

Just one ordinary day at school, with a new teacher in the scene, now.

Writer's Note: Please read the other chapters, too. This is sort of like an introductory, so it's slightly boring. Read Chapter

A Misunderstanding Unfolds

Nile gets annoyed and tries standing up to himself. The feedback was more than unpleasant for the poor thing. Read Chapter

The Effort to Relax

Nile struggles to relax by usual habits, but the feel of his tongue still lingers....

Valmadrid tries to rethink what he has done. And now his actions start to haunt him. Read Chapter

Too Much

Valmadrid goes too far and Nile gets pushed off the limit! Now Val sees before him is a destructive entity that was hidden under all that gentleness... Read Chapter

Leanne's Therapy Session

Valmadrid wakes up from the attack and Leanne helps him realize what he'd done and what he needs to do. Read Chapter

Down Memory Lane

Audrey buckled Nile up next to him in his car. It was a Lambourghini he got from winning a lottery months ago. He took out the adequately... Read Chapter

Maids, Butlers, and Masters

Nile woke up pretty darn early the next day. Three in the morn ain't something he usually woke up to. Usually it was four or five in the ... Read Chapter

Strawberry Tortes

Valmadrid had arranged for their date to be around town. First, they'd eat brunch together. Then, they were going to watch a movie. From ... Read Chapter

Absurdly Clueless

Nile and Valmadrid were at the front of the movie theater deciding what to watch. "Wanna go watch Alice in Wonderland?" Val asked his... Read Chapter

Mangoes and Strawberries

Nile ended up working in Cafe Moe Moe after lunch. As if on cue, Tuzusa called after his lunch with Valmadrid, a.k.a Vincent. When Nile a... Read Chapter

Moonlight and Spirits

Nile followed Audrey to a French restaurant called Finique. Just from the exterior, you could tell it was classy. Almost everyone who ate... Read Chapter

A More-Than-Rough Day

Nile woke up the next morning really early. He felt uneasy being alone down there. He looked around and saw no one. He pulled Audrey's sh... Read Chapter

Please Don't Stop the Rain

Confessions are hard, but the anticipation and anxiety makes you feel it was all worth it. He sees a new hope spark in his life as things start to lighten up. Read Chapter

What Must Be

That night, Valmadrid slept on the couch. Nile had locked the door to his room just in case Val would try to anything funny. He couldn't ... Read Chapter

A Game of Hardball

Nile arrived at the cafe to find it practically empty. Only the employees and three tables of customers were around. "Tuzusa, why the hel... Read Chapter

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

School Fair preparations start, and Nile finds a cute bundle of joy on his doorstep. Read Chapter

A Night With Val

Nile spends a night with Valmadrid. Read Chapter


Nile woke up in the couch with Val, but in a different position. Not in a sexual one, just lying on their side under a blanket. Valmadrid... Read Chapter

Saturday Fling

It was a Saturday, and Nile was utterly bored in his couch. The kitten was sleeping, and he felt guilty about waking the darling. He had ... Read Chapter

Who Is True?

Nile rested in his bed, carried over their by Chris. Since the host was out cold, only Leanne, Audrey, Valmadrid, and Chris stayed. Audre... Read Chapter

Am I really?

Nile stepped back, thinking what should he do. Kick them out, let them fuck him, say no but let them stay the night... He was confused an... Read Chapter

My Sweet Rose

"Neil? Neil, what happened?" Little peep, counting sheep... Walking down the railroad. Twisted man, scythe in his hand, W... Read Chapter

From Experience

It was that fateful day, the first day of the School Fair. Every classroom was running some sort of attraction. people from outside gathe... Read Chapter



noun: bad, sad, negative situation
verb: to pull someone along the ground
adjective: to dress as the opposite sex. Read Chapter

Love or Lust

Beer and friends may seem like a good idea. But that is not always the case... Read Chapter

Running and Hiding

Nile and Val try to live as if nothing happened and they never met, but can they really? Read Chapter


"You came here to fetch me back?" Nile asked Rufus, who nodded in response, as if understanding what Nile said. "But... Val..." The d... Read Chapter

Rush Hour

Valmadrid, Audrey, Alen, Sean, and Leanne were in Chris's home, who was using his computer to track down exact coordinates of Nile's loca... Read Chapter

Bloody Tableturner

"We have you surrounded! Put your hands up!" "Damn it! How'd they find this place so quickly?!" "We repeat! Come out with your ha... Read Chapter


Valmadrid and Chris walked down the blood-drenched halls and find no sign of the tender-yet-viscious Nile. He left a trail of murdered bl... Read Chapter


Nile had cornered the blad-headed leader in the corner. He was frightful of the child's presence. Such a demented smile never looked more... Read Chapter

Meeting the Valmadrids

"You packed?" Val asked his lover, who was bringing his luggage downstairs with bandaged arms and legs. "Give me a few more minutes. ... Read Chapter

Talk and Talk

They went to their own rooms to change into provided suits, all from the shopping mall underground. Nile and Valmadrid shared the same ro... Read Chapter


After that wicked dinner party, things just stayed as if the party, Nile's friends and himself, were neighbors. Occassional greets, mindi... Read Chapter