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This short story is about a boy who has failed matric many times and now discovers his talent.

Submitted: March 31, 2019

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Submitted: March 31, 2019




Once there was this boy named Cedrick. Cedrick was born in a rich family his mother was a docter and his father a popular businessman. So he got everything he wanted so that he can be pleased. He even attended private schools.

But his father was not happy at all about him as he has failed matric many times. All though his mother has always supported him. At school he had this friend Romio who was very clever always passing with As and what about him ? He could study day and night but it really didn't work for him. Then met her girlfriend Mandy thinking that she could try and teach her because he was also the best learners at school.

Then after a long time of extra classes it was then time for the June exams. Everyone were so prepared as this were the results to get them to universities. Their class teacher would always say that fail one fail all. Which touched Credrick as he was scared that he might disappoint others at his class.

And when it was the holidays Cedrick would fix his mother's car that is what he mostly enjoyed and took as a hobby. His mother would always say that he is proud of him. Which made him smile always. And during the holidays he was still attending extra classes.

Then it was time to get back to school. Cedrick got his report and it was a fail. Then he thought that he was a failure in his family. Although he didn't loose hope due to her mother's words which were so encouraging to him. But his father was so disappointed saying that his results were not enough to get him to a university.

Her girlfriend was also disappointed which caused them to have a conflict. Then it was time for the matric dance with his friend Romio drinking alcohol ending up painting their class teacher's car. How silly was that but the camera got them and suspended for two weeks leading to two whole weeks of not studying.

And one day Cedrick at home he got a phone call telling him that his mother had died in a car accident through her way to work. After that life had changed for Cedrick as he had no one to support him. Then after a while he got back to school and start writing his last term exams. During his writing he would always think about his mother ending up loosing concatration. Mostly his last exam. Everyone was so happy and him with a lot of tears.

Then after sometime it was now time for the results his father came back with the results. But disappointed which gave Cedrick the answer that he had failed again. His friend Romio with seven dictitions and also her girlfriend but Cedrick was not there. And fast they went at his home to check for him but when they got there they found a letter written, "This is the last of me and lots of love from Cedrick."

And so they rushed to look for him around the house and found him at the garage about to kill himself. Then his father also came after them. And he then understood that his son is good at fixing cars so he stopped pressuring him to pass. And he also realized that not everyone is good at school but doing handwork.

And after some years Cedrick studying mechanical engineering he was now a proffetional, owning a business with his dad. Cedrick had now made his mother proud and his friend and also his girlfriend. But mostly his father.

Then after some time he got married and lived his life as a very rich man. What his father had wanted all the time. He lived happily ever after.


The End.

© Copyright 2019 Luyanda Mtshali. All rights reserved.

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