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A short story about a wealthy paralyzed boy and a poor milk delivery girl

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016





once upon a time, there was a little girl who delivered milk every day on Fir street. her father and her lived far away from the busyness of the city, on a small farm. life was simple and happy, helping her father on the farm and selling fresh milk from their cows. however, her family was too poor to support her to get education, so she read old fairy tale books and she thought she had known everything in the world. 

Fir street was somewhere she could never be good enough to live on. there stood the most elegant mansions in the whole city. everyday as she walked down the street she looked up to those mansions——in her eyes, they were as tall as the sky. 

“they must be the castles in the fairy tales, where everything happened, where the princes and princesses lived happily ever after.” she thought.

and there lived a boy, trapped in the mansion, behind the iron barred door. everyday he looked out of the window and see the sun and the birds singing, but he knew that he could never be able to run under that sunlight and sing along with the birds——he was paralyzed since the moment he was born, the doctors failed to catch him and he broke his spine. what a tragedy. his parents were successful people and he was the only dark spot in their lives, so they hid him in this huge mansion with a several servants to feed him. the boy knew that too and he thought he would never find love until one day he met the girl.

it was a sunny day when they met. the boy was sitting on a chair in his front yard reading a children’s picture book. and there was the girl, skipping down the street and knocking on the door of each mansion to sell her milk. she then saw the boy sitting there——the sun was in his deep blue eyes, the wind was stroking his short curly hair. so beautiful, she looked at him like she saw the whole universe. the boy noticed her just when she was drooling all over him, he chuckled, and the girl turned away with bright red cheeks. 

the girl sat down on the grass beside him and they talked and talked; they talked about the sky, the clouds, the trees, the grass, they talked about everything they thought was the world. they chatted until the sky turned red and the birds went back to their nests, and that was when the girl had to leave. 

“i have to go now or my father will be mad.”

“ok, then. i will see you tomorrow hopefully!”

the boy watched her run down the street and smiled. if only he could run too, he would chase after the girl and hold her in his arms and tell her how he fell in love with her when their eyes first met and how his heart skipped a beat whenever he sees her smile. but he couldn’t, even if he wanted to so badly.

the girl. she fell in love as well. she imagined herself as a princess and him as her prince charming and how much she wished she could lay down beside him when the day is done, and wake up to his face against the morning sun. she wondered if the boy noticed that her face would turn red every time he laughed, and she wondered if he heard her heart racing whenever their eyes meet. 

days after days, they thought of each other every second, every minute. they met each other everyday and talked until sunset. but for all those time, the boy kept his paralysis a secret.

soon the boy realized that he was so useless. he would die to just hold an umbrella above her head when the rain pours down or to just hold her hands when the cold wind pierces her skin, or, just simply walk down on Fir st beside her. but he couldn’t.

the girl also noticed that, but she loved him so much and she could forget all that. as long as he loved her back, everything was fine.

“we are like the fairy tales, the princess and the prince, lived in a huge castle, nothing could stop their love, nothing could tear them apart, and they lived happily ever after.”


the boy could not respond. he didn’t know how. 

because he knew that she deserved someone who can at least, walk.


until one day the boy finally made up his mind to let her go. he couldn’t be with her. if he told her that he was paralyzed she could possibly stop loving him and leave him like his parents did. but her love towards him was far deeper than he could ever imagine. but he couldn’t risk it. he began to shut her out the door and kept all the curtains closed. the girl was so upset, she didn’t know why he was doing what he did, and she began to blame herself as if it was her fault. clearly she could not understand, why beside her was where he couldn't stand. weeks passed by with tears filling up their eyes.


until one day she finally forgave him, she started reading the fairy tales again.


“the prince and the princess lived happily ever after.”


“but where was our happily ever after?”

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