The Dublin Incident

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Review Chain
Set in the Anima Mea setting
Like all my short stories this story is me experimenting with different writing styles and settings. This particular setting is set in our world in the 2030s and is a paranormal/ Urban Fantasy. The basic background is that in 2012 magic started to return to the world, at first it went rather unnoticed but eventually it became common enough for numerous groups have started to notice. Governments have started to form special divisions to contain and unitise the newly appearing mages and outsiders but governments are not the only ones utilising magic.

Unfortunately, my formatting did not transfer over well on any of the websites I've published on

Submitted: March 13, 2020

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Submitted: March 13, 2020





For Authorised Personal Only
Any unauthorised persons found with this document will be terminated along with the one(s) responsible for the breach




Transcript of communications between Communications Officer [redacted] and Sergeant William Abbott.

The transcript details the first contact with a Level 5 Outsider and the organisation now known as the Baali Reavers. This event now known as the Dublin Incident and was the event that brought knowledge of The Otherside into the public sphere but the details that led up to the event where hidden from the public at large.


C.O. [redacted] Come in Sergeant William Abbott, can you hear me?

Sgt. W AbbottComing in, affirmative,

C.O. [redacted]It seems we have lost visuals from your feed can you check the camera fed From your end

Muffled sounds can be heard coming from Sgt W Abbott

Sgt. W AbbottThe camera appears to be working from my end HQ

C.O. [redacted]We have run diagnostics and we also detect no issues from our side ether Would you be able to relay all information though us via radio

Sgt. W AbbottAffirmative, I can do that for you. We are currently walking through a Hallway, we can see a door at the end. No sign of a lair echo yet.

C.O. [redacted]Any sign of human activity?

Sgt. W AbbottNegative, no signs of human actively yet, wait a moment…
{Speaking to Special Operative [redacted]} what is it?

Muffled talking can be heard but no words can be made out

Sgt. W AbbottS.O. [redacted] says that she can see the lair echo. The walls appear to be Turning to stone with green veins.

C.O. [redacted]That seems to match a class 2 outsider’s lair

Sgt. W AbbottWe are now at the door
Corporal set the charges

A small explosion can be heard

Sgt. W AbbottClear

Numerous members of the squad can be heard repeating clear

Sgt. W AbbottWe have entered a small room with two doors one opposite the door we Entered and one to the left. We will check the left room first.
It seems to be some form of storage room but it is empty.
Going through the other door now
This door opened to a staircase, we are going down
We can now see the lair echo too

C.O. [redacted]Does it match what S.O. Pierce description

Sgt. W AbbottAffirmative, it matches her description

C.O. [redacted]Alright, let us know if anything changes

Sgt. W AbbottWill keep you updated
We have encountered signs of human activity

C.O. [redacted]Describe what you see

Sgt. W AbbottWe are entering what looks like some form of mess hall.
There are dishes on some of the tables with scraps of food.
Unfortunately, the echo is covering most of the surfaces so most objects are likely hidden from view

C.O. [redacted]Understood

Sgt. W AbbottWe are going towards the door at the end of the room
We are at the door it seems to be covered in vines

C.O. [redacted]Can you please confirm did you say vines?

Sgt. W AbbottAffirmative: Vines. The door looks like a pair of doors but is actually a singular door so it is definitely the result of an echo.
Pierce says that this isn’t normal for a class 2 outsider, should we continue? She says that she doesn’t know if her bond outsider is the right one for the mission.

C.O. [redacted]Continue with the mission

Sgt. W AbbottAffirmative, we continue.

C.O. [redacted]Keep us posted.

Sgt. W AbbottThe door opened to a stair case heading further underground.

Around 20 minutes pass before commutation is established again

Sgt. W AbbottWe have found a communications station and managed get it working again. We will use it as a relay station.

C.O. [redacted]Understood, we thought we lost you, any changes?

Sgt. W AbbottYes the echo has changed massively. The tunnels are still stone but they are covered in vines, flowers and colourful bioluminescent mushrooms. Pierce believes that we are dealing with a class 4 outside not a class 2. She believes that her class 1 type B outside should be able to deal with it is unideal.

C.O. [redacted]I am updating the file now, be careful down there.

Sgt. W AbbottWe will. She is also worried about the size and strength of the echo, we have been travelling for quite some time and the echo is only getting stronger with no contact with the manifesting outsider.

C.O. [redacted]It is a level 4 outsider so this is to be expected.

Sgt. W AbbottUnderstood, we will continue then.
We still have not run into any humans down here.

C.O. [redacted]Noted.

Sgt. W AbbottWe have continued in deeper.
A lot of the doors here lead to small rooms that are neatly organised but still, no people can be seen.
There is a large wooden door, or at least wooden appearing, at the end of the hallway.
It feels like wood too, the echo is manifesting.

C.O. [redacted]That is not good you will have to rush deeper to prevent the outsider from manifesting fully.

Sgt. W AbbottUnderstood, we will increase our pace.
The door leads to a massive dugout chamber, It is round and we are on a ramp that circles the edge and heads downwards to the floor.
In the middle of the rooms is what looks like a large flower bud, letting off a soft blue light, and surrounded by butterflies.
This is definitely the summoning room.

C.O. [redacted]It seems that the outsider has yet to manifest fully. Plant your charges and get out.

Sgt. W AbbottYes ma’am we are setting them now.
Our mage is already working on slowing down the manifestation by freezing the…

Gunshots can be heard

Sgt. W AbbottWe are under fire
Shit, I’ve been hit...
We are in the open fuck…

C.O. [redacted]We are sending in reinforcements they are on their way

Sgt. W AbbottIt is no good…
The bud…
It is opening “heavy pained breathing” we are too late, we were too late.
At least they have stopped shooting us.
The outsider looks like a large…
A large man with greenish-grey…

C.O. [redacted]Abbott conserve your energy, don’t speak help will be their shortly

Sgt. W Abbott… Skin he has blue woad paint over him.
He is wearing a cloak made from some animal and wears a Corinthian helmet with antlers on it.
He is walking towards me with a spear, it has a leaf-shaped blade.

Abbott can be heard gargling

Sgt. W AbbottIt is beautiful.
I think this is the end.


© Copyright 2020 Lyam Trainor. All rights reserved.

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