Set My Lifeless Body Free

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Set me free... death is not real.... it's just the thing fearing you into living..
without life.
there is no fear.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



I can't think anymore.

I can't dream.

Even in the happiest of moments,

I still feel like I'm dying.

Is there a way to make it go away?

Is there a way to end this pain?

I feel so alive...

So alive in death.

Love is'nt natural for me anymore.

I hate love.

I hate happiness..

Only because i hate what i can't have.

What I have no way of reaching..

How can you expect me to love? 

To live?

Why would you ask me of that...

Would you want a friend, suffering, to die slowly?

I know my death is soon...

Don't make me suffer through it..

Don't let me strangle while I can't move.

I'd do it..

But I can't.

I can't even move.

But I'm cursed with breath.


The blood dripping..

Dripping from your wrist. 

Your thighs.

Your heart...

Your once white sheets of innocence,

Are now red..

A deep crimson, hiding your pain.

Making each day bareable...

"Yea I'm ok"

Do you HONESTLY believe that?

Can you turn away...

I show you my bandanna covered wrists..

"See?.. I'm fine" 

But you can't see.

You didn't ask to see.

You don't ask for me to take them off..

I want help getting out of hear.

The walls are white, 

But they feel so black..

Only the brightness of red shines through my dark..

It feels so relinquishing..


I need to go.


Ask me what I'm hiding.

Blood lust...

I'm not a vampire..

But i have no soul.

No life.


I'm already dead...

Set my lifeless body free.

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