To My Love- Sunshine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I love you my dear.... You know who you are. I won't mention your name for safety reasons. But you are my sunshine....

Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



At first- I wasn't sure.

The moon had past, and i was left to contemplate.

To think

I hd lost so much, so many. 

She left me, lying here. 

I never fully understood why she had to lie.

I mean, 

I would have understood.

Had she just TOLD me.

Should i do this?

Should i let myself love another?


I decided.. 

after plenty of convincing on your part.

That it would be ok.

To try this ONE more time..

After all, you kissed me,

and i didnt even have to ask.

You made my heart skip a beat, two, three

You make me smile.

And even when i get anxious 

and think- to this day-

maybe i should just end it.. 

Give up. 

Break it off.

You remind me that i love you

SO much.

That im just scared.




You have this patience for me. 

This patience that says

"it is ok. I am here. I will always be here."
Im always afraid to be hurt... 

but it doesnt come as often anymore,

only sometimes. 

But then i remember again

love doesnt come easy...

not without work


I love you. 

My sunshine 


I smile thinking about how someday 


we could have a small house on the hills.

Tucked away, someplace far.

With a room for all my scaley things-

that noone else seems to understand my love for.

nooone aside from you.

And maybe a bird. 

a talking bird. 

Since im not having children. 

Its only right to satisfy

your need to nurtre something and watch it grow

You say i would be a good mom

that we could adopt


maybe two...

and who knows 

maybe someday ill give in.

but for now, 

I dont want kids.

Just you.


two cats-

from the same litter,

a parrot,

all my snakes and lizards. 


though that saddens me slightly- i can deal.

A small house.

on a hill

tucked back

somewhere in nowhere.


Just you. 

Just me. 

Our memories.

I love you...

 This is the only erson i can picture myself living the rest of my life with. 

someday we will marry.

 and make our dreams come true.

someday we will be


perfetly in love.


Until then...

i remind myself. 

whenever my heart falters

and i think maybe it wont ever work...

with you being so much younger..

Well, not too much younger...

only two years.

but still... how we will have to be seperate...

how maybe you will forget how you love me.

But i guess that is the price a heart has to pay.

God, why did i let myself fall again?


Oh my sunshine,

atleast your arms are here to catch me.

© Copyright 2020 Lydia Moon. All rights reserved.

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