Moment to Capture (There's a flame)

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I do believe this is my... Sixth? I think so.

Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



There's a flame that burns in all of us

No matter how many nights we lie awake

This fire will never break

I'm a writer

With a moment to capture

And my words are designed with every line

I can't explain how its gone in time

So we live for the moment

And the only opponent

Is the ones who stand on the stage

And I can't make myself turn the page

Its me versus the world

I've turn and whirled

Just to make a good nights sleep

For my drugs to keep

And no one understands how hard I try

No one could understand how much I lie

Wide awake in my bed staring at the walls

They seem like my only friends

Because we all know we have to fall

And this isn't my time

I ask him

"Doc, can you cure me?"

He says to me over the open sea

"There's a flame that burns inside all of us."

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