Death doesn't hurt me as much as you

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An angry vent

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




Why is it when an opportunity presents itself for me to express my affection, you can find a way to crush any hope I ever, EVER had.

Every time you tell me that you have a boyfriend a little part of my loyalty and faith die away and will never be built back up again.

You crush my love for you in every turn possible, you, you have absolutely no idea of the grief you’ve caused me

Every time I look at you and him it makes me sick, every time suicide seems like such a beautiful thing, but then you apologize and stay my hand.

But every time a part of me never comes back.

Words I would never utter come to my tongue so quickly now, and for some reason, every step, action, or word that comes from me seems to come back and bite me in the ass.

In the end I did not fall to cutting, but pain was bliss when my thoughts turned you.

Every time someone said something bad about you, I defended you.

Every time you felt sad I was there to listen and comfort you.

Now every time those things happen I will do nothing.

You have destroyed me,

my love,

my soul,

my reason to live.

Before no words could describe my love, then no words could describe my confusion, now no words can describe my sorrow and anger.

Death I welcome, you I shun.

Love is hated, pain is bliss.

No more do I wish to live yet nor do I wish to die.

Before I would die for you, now I would die because of you.

I have no more to say for I feel my message has been met.

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