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Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




“Love or lust it’s up to you, I care not for my well being as long as you’re happy, there are no troubles in my heart.”

“Forlorn or forsworn I’m yours, no matter the circumstances, no matter the plight I’m yours. “

“Heartbreak you caused me, revenge sparked in my eye and quickly grew to a roaring inferno, yet I can do you no more harm than I can catch smoke with my hands.” 

 “True love is naught but a myth, loyalty is gained through good deeds, I strive to find them it’s hard, but you, you were the real challenge in life.”

“God gave me a mind, he gave me a soul, a heart, limbs, and senses, but what he did not give me was you.” 

“In a sea of wants and lust, I am but a minnow searching for the sanctuary of love, for only there can I grow to show you how I truly feel.”

“Though many want you, none shall have you. Many seek to hurt you, I won’t let them. Many talk to you; I can only conceal my jealousy.” 

“No mere words can describe my love for you, no action can project my feelings accurately, so here I stand speechless, no way to tell you.”

“Almost there, I can almost see it, almost taste it, almost hear it, almost taste it, your love. Then as a cruel twist of fate I am slammed back to reality forced to watch you with him, no pain has ever hurt more so than having to watch you give in to his shallow love, never knowing of the love that simmers as walk by me, boils when you talk to me, and erupts when you touch me.”

“Friendship I showed, true love I had, yet I could never express my feelings to you, no matter the situation, no matter my courage, your face seemed to melt it all away as I knew I would only cause you pain.”

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