A love thing

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its a bout my first true love

Submitted: September 17, 2008

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Submitted: September 17, 2008



Since day 1 when I met u my life change,

never knew that a girl could have me acting all strange

my heart pumps fast when your away n slow when your near,

your touch make me ask if your a angel 2 shield my fears,

the way we talk its like we been 2gether 4 a couple of years, the way u say I love u make me want 2 shed some tears, never knew my heart could up stand so much care, when I see u I smile till my face wanna tare

now some months have pass since we got 2gether,

a kiss from u make me float like a feather,

our hearts beat as 1,loving u more each day,

makes me feel like a king on his birthday,

dreaming of u am kissing u and hugging u,

makes me never wanna wake up out of your world,

that’s how I want our relationship 2 be,

clean, nice and as u say no jealousy,

n that’s y I always call u my sweetie.

your the reason y I hurry through my day,

jus 4 night 2 come so I can have a next dream bout u baby, you see the things am trying 2 say would make u cry until another day, that would make u shout out he's my bay baby,2 me your like no other, your smile extra, your kiss unique, those things make me wanna stay more,

without u in my life I dont believe I would want 2 exist any more, your hugs that give my heart its tempo, that’s y I would never want 2 go, babes am in love any never b4, your love treats me nice of that am sure, never I would want 2 go 2 stray n say I cant take it anymore, I would sit n think n gain more love as I endure, so sweetheart love u more n more each day.

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