This is the story of two girls, Lashae an in-the-closet lesbian and Crystal a vampire with her family breathing down her neck about finding a mate. Walk with Lashae as she goes through coming out, being accepted, finding love, and finding out a powerful family secret. Find out who Crystal will choose to be her mate, get her family of her back, and fall in love.

"Come on, babe"  Brian said tugging me to his car. I know he wants to make out and although I'm not really into him I paste on a smile. We get into the car and he reaches for me so I lean towards him ready for the assualt he calls a make out session. In the middle of his assualt on me someone bangs on the window. Brian nearly jumps out of his skin and helps pull my clothes back into place before rolling down the window. There's a gorgeous girl outside looking furious, she blows out a huge breath before she yells at the top of her lungs, "WHO THE HELL IS SHE, BRIAN?!" Deciding that this is not my fight I lean back into the chair and wait it out.

After all that I wind up walking home, thankful that I had worn my sneakers tonight. It took them almost an hour to figure out what to do so I decided by myself, got out of the car and walked away. Its a beautiful warm summer night with a breeze. The perfect night for a picnic with my special someone, if I had one, I think snidely to myself. Shaking my head I continue walking as I'm passing the park near my house I stop wanting to take a swing break. I sit on the swing in deep thought so deep that I didn't notice this person walk up and sit beside me until I heard them humming. I jump a little making the person stop humming. "Ahh, finally notice me did you?" it says in a light voice that's not particularly feminine or masculine. I simply stare at it noticing its shoulder length black hair, black hoodie which it has pulled over its face, black skinny jeans, and black Vans.  "Who are you?" I say in reply. It chuckles and pushes the hood back revealing a drop dead gorgeous girl. She has ivory skin with perfectly pink cheeks, eyelashes that go on forever, a pouty mouth, and the most beautiful green hazel eyes I've ever seen. "Umm your starting to drool" she says on a laugh.  I quickly shut my mouth and turn away. I've never seen anyone as gorgeous as her, not even in magazines. I get up and start to walk away knowing that someone as pretty as her talking to little plain ol' me couldnt be good. "Hey! Wait!" she yells rushing to catch up with me. I just keep walking pretending as though I didn't hear her. When she catches up to me I see that she's a foot shorter than me, the perfect height for holding. I mentally shake that thought away and walk faster trying to drown out her voice as well as my thoughts. 

As we near my house I break into a run, I couldn't stay around her any longer without wanting to pull her into me and kiss her senseless. I push open my front door and close it leaning back on it heavily. I take a few shakey breaths before starting down the hall to my room. My step mom walks out of her room and says "Hey honey, I didn't hear you get back. Are you okay? You look a little flushed." She reaches to feel my forehead then my neck murmuring about how I don't have a fever.

"I'm good, mom. I was just jogging a little that's all." I say stepping away from her and towards my room. Im almost to my door when she turns around and says "Wait, I thought you went out on a date tonight." I grimace and quickly open, close, and lock my door. I take a deep breath and walk towards my bed, flopping backwards onto it. Rolling to my side I close my eyes and picture that girls face. She's so beautiful, if only I could have someone like her, I think to myself before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 2: Crystal

Geez! I finally meet a girl whose not a ditzy air head blonde and she runs away from me! I think to myself before turning to walk up my driveway. Sighing, I walk into the house and prepare myself for the one thousand and one questions I'm about to be bombarded with. My mom was the first one over to me and although everyone else looked ready to pounce on me for answers they waited to hear her question first. "So hun, how'd it go? Did you meet anyone interesting? Are you gonna bring them home to meet us? What are they like?" she says before I can even answer her first question. Taking a deep breath she waits for me to say something. Trying to remember all fifty of her questions I say, "It went fine, I met a few people most of them weren't interesting, and from the first two answers I think you can conclude the other answers." Then, even though everyone else started talking I left the room. 

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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I love it kmu

Mon, August 25th, 2014 9:06am


Thanks I will try to continue writing but with school just starting it may be a while before I finish it

Mon, August 25th, 2014 7:20pm


I loved this, it was very good. I liked Lashae, also pretty name by the way. I was so glad she was not into that Brian jerk, since he already had another girl. Also i liked the part when she meets the beautiful girl Crystal, and she couldn't contro her desires so she ran away from her. Poor Crystal, I don't think she no clue how she effect her. And i like Crystal's good sense of humour, and why are her parents so eager for her to find someone. So anyway, nice job, Like, and i'll read more as soon as i get the chance. :}

Sun, August 31st, 2014 6:48pm


I swear I'm in no way trying to offend you so I'll start off with the bad. Lesbian stories really aren't to my liking and that's not because I'm a homophobic or anything I just feel uncomfortable reading them. But besides that the characters are very likable and I like the way you described Crystal's appearance because she sounded very beautiful :). I like the first paragraph because it's relatable to me (Besides the fact that the 'boyfriend' had another girl). Lashae's actions towards Crystal were cute cause it's like a typical crush reaction :P! I really like the idea of the story so far you did an amazing job developing and writing this :). ~Poetic

Mon, September 1st, 2014 10:00pm

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