You have Cancer!

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I wrote this poem to show my personal feelings I endured after receiving the terrible news in late 2003. I am a cancer survivor, whoopee!!! I am cancer free for almost 7 years now. I thank God everyday for answering my prayer.

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



"You have cancer" , the doctor said,

these words keep spinning in my head..

It's impossible! It can't be true!

This is a death sentence.. I thought I knew..

What about all my family and friends?

I thought I will be with them until the end..

What lies in my future? or is there none..

Who will look after my daughter and son?

What will my husband do without me?

I can't even imagine this horror, you see..

Life became hospitals & doctors and such,

about life and living I couldn't do much..

The radiation and chemo was almost too much to bare,

I wanted to give up, I just didn’t care..

I turned to God and asked if He could heal.

I knew the only way to survive, is for me to kneel..

I hoped that His answer would be ‘yes’.

I was mad at Him at first, I must confess...

At last the doctor, I had to consult,

he had to give me my end result..

“The Cancer is gone, you are free“,

These were the best words ever spoken to me!

I knew at that moment, God had answered my prayer,

and that I received a gift so precious and rare!






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