Yet Another Love Story

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One of the few lovey-dovey things I will write. Enjoy!

Submitted: March 31, 2010

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Submitted: March 31, 2010




Name tags next to each other

She sat down first

Curly blond hair and a pink shirt

She’s daddy’s little princess

He sat down next

Brown hair and freckles

He was his brother’s punching bag

Sharing markers and glue sticks

Playing chase at recess

They became friends before they knew it


Middle school

Only knew the other in first period

Awkward smiles and waves

She had braces

He was shorter

But their friendship grew still


High school

He was now taller

She was now beautiful

Stuttering conversations

When she wanted a Homecoming date

He came to the rescue

And a relationship was born



Same school

Different majors

He was head-over-heels

She failed at hard-to-get

Then one day it came time

He just couldn’t wait

Knee on the ground

A ring now on her finger


Funny when you think about it

How it all started

With exchanging crayons

To exchanging rings

And now they live together

Happily ever after

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