Music: The Soundtrack of Your Life

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My teacher once said that the music you listen to will make up the soundtrakc of your life and that got me thinking. So I did some research and I wrote an article about it.

Submitted: December 05, 2010

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Submitted: December 05, 2010



One of my teachers once said that the music makes up the soundtrack of your life. That it can make memories, that it helps shape who you are and will be in the future and that it is strong enough to make you feel comfort and like you're in a  circle of protection when you're feeling scared. Music is a powerful thing, it can make you feel hope, joy, love, sadness maybe even madness because it can make you feel pretty much any emotion that it wants you to, that the artist wants you to feel.
We can rarely go a day without hearing music, it's everywhere. It's on paper, in your mind, on the radio, on television shows etc. You find it pretty much anywhere look.
Music is one of the very few things that can connect to the whole world, we all understand it and connect to it no matter the genre of the music. It doesn't matter how far apart we are from each other or where we are from or what language we speak, we all have one thing in common. Music.
Lyrics, to me, are the most important part of a song. If there is no meaning or message to the song and it's only about money and 'babes' and sex, then I don't really like it. Lyrics are supposed to have a special meaning, maybe a moment that actually happened in the artists life, they are supposed to paint a picture in your mind, they should flow with the rhythm of the beat like they are dancing. They are like the missing puzzle piece and once you find it, it fits perfectly into the empty space and makes it complete. 
Let's face it, you always end up remembering the songs that played in the background of important memories. Like the song that you and your crush had you first dance to, or the song that played on the radio while you had your first kiss or first break up. You always remember these things because in a way they are sacred to us, they tell a story of a time that happened in your life, something that you can keep and look back on for when you get older.
Now I don't know about you but I can't imagine life without music, it's like your heart and soul, something we relate to. It can also help with mental health. It raises your spirits when you're feeling down, it can get you through all the tough times like death, being bullied or maybe being self conscious of your looks. 
I can really relate to this because I used to depressed a little. I still am sad and feel like crying. I just recently moved and had to say goodbye to all my friends, I had to start all over, and it is hard being the new kid in grade eight because everyone else had known each other for years and already had their own friends and weren't looking for new 'members' to join their 'cliques'. Eventually I made some new friends but I still feel like I don't belong, like they don't except me for me. And along with this are other personal problems.  During that time (and still do when I get sad) I liked to listen to music. It was like my escape from reality for a little while.
There are few groups of bands/singers that make up the soundtrack to my life. Some of these groups are Paramore, The Fray, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Eyes of 99, The Letter Black, Eminem, P!nk and allot more.
But the two of the main groups for me are Paramore and P!nk .
Paramore consists of Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. I just started listening to them about a year ago and I love almost every single one their songs and they have a really good tune and lyrics that I can relate and connect to. Their music can go well with some of my personality because I like to have fun and be myself, but at the same time not wanting to overdo it. Whenever I'm sad I usually go to my playlist and click on the first song by Paramore that I find, whether it is Misery Business, That's what you get, Brick by boring brick, or We are broken or whatever song it is, it always makes me feel happy again.
P!nk, who is actually Aecia Beth Moore, is the one where I think I can relate to a bit more. I can really can connect to her song 'Nobody Knows' because some of the lyrics in the song explain how I feel, like, 'Nobody knows but me, That I sometimes cry' or 'And baby don't it feel like I'm all alone'. It's lyrics like those I feel most deep connection with because I do cry, allot, and I think nobody know and I do feel all alone, like I'm left out and I should just leave and stand in the corner by myself.  But that is just how I feel.
So those are few artists who I think explain me a little and would definitely be on the soundtrack of my life. But what would be on your soundtrack? Do you have the perfect song that fits you? Well you should go out there and discover it!

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