Beauty Not Everlasting.

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Illusion, the beautiful and somehow immortal Dryad, finds trouble. Her life is taking turns for the worse. The humans are beginning to discover their kind, and are hell bent on enslaving them - hell bent on making the world ruled by the humans. But Illusion knows that they can't be as bad as the other Nymphs say. Illusion, after hundreds of years of posing as the trees themselves, knows they have compassion, and that they would understand if some sort of mutual agreement was made.

Submitted: August 27, 2008

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Submitted: August 27, 2008



The forest, the meadows, water and sky. We live everywhere, in every element. Earth, water, fire, and air, are at the command of the nymphs. How? Because we are the elements themselves. The Dryads, control earth, every leaf, and every blade of grass, the soil and the ferns are all under control of the dryads. Naiads, well they control the water. Every stream, every lake, the rivers and the springs. The naiads are lurking deep within the water waiting for something to cross their paths. Saresas, the wind themselves. The oxygen flowing through your lungs, the breeze lifting your hair, the chinooks changing the wheather...the Saresas are in control of the skies. And then there's one more. They don't exactly just make fire appear out of thin air, but they do control the lightning blasts from above. Nephelaes, flow the lighting to the earth, causing the fire to blaze through the place of attack. The clouds, are what they are better known as.

But does this matter? No, because we dont have time to describe the different people that have the blood of our species. We don't have time to sit here and wonder about where we originated from and how we came to exist in places across the globe. Because we're too busy trying to clean up this ass wipe of a mess that's caught us off guard - and that sucks. I mean sure, we're just as mortal as a human - accept with the power to control the elements - but they still want to enslalve us and make us follow their every command. And that sucks too. For year after year we've been sucessfully hidden deep within the forests outside villages and cities, and towns. But now they have come for us, and now they want to believe that we exist after centuries of thinking otherwise. Nothing we can control can humanely stop them from capturing us and making us their slaves for as long as they live. And I  am the one who should be worrying - because I'm the only dryad who has the ability to be immortal.

"Illusion?" Leuce was looking for me - I was hiding behind a rock, crying. "Illusion, everyone's waiting for you in the meadow. If you want to sit there and cry go ahead, I don't care. But if you want to try and figure this out then I suggest you come and join the circle."

She turned around and left. I didn't want to face them, especially with the fact that everyone knew of my immortal abliities. I didn't want to go out there, and tell them about everything that had happened to me earlier. With the human male walking in on me when I was taking desise from the tall oak tree that was infront of me at this very moment. I couldn't just go out there and tell them that the human man swore he'd find our kind and enslave us. I just wasn't able to suck it up and get out from behind my rock.

"Illusion?" oh shit, it was Epimelaid. His copper tinted hair, dark as soil eyes. Somehow I couldn't say no to him. "Illusion, come out. I know you don't want to face this right now, but you need to help us out some how." How could I say no to that face? I turned around and looked up at him like a lost puppy dog. He looked down at me and smiled as warmly as possible - which made my heart sink into my ass, almost literally.

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