Time travelers

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This is a fake story of something that could happen in stories

Submitted: December 04, 2015

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Submitted: December 04, 2015



I looked around the room at some of my best friends, and I knew who in the group I would take.

Avangaline followed me through the small opening that led into the kitchen. We were going to get snacks to take back to the group I had assemble. There were only eight of us, and not including me, there were only seven. Besides Avangaline, there was Luna and Astral, the twins, and then there was Luner, their older brother. Avangaline had her older sister Angel and I had my sisters Celest and Evergreen. We were all here for one reason. I had called them here to ask them one question and one question only. My name is Dawn, and I am a time traveler

*Dramatic music*

"So, why are we here again?" Angel asked, looking at me wih confusion. I walked over, setting down a bowl of fruit I had grabbed in the kitchen. I sat beside her on the couch, taking one more look around the room at my friends, then, I took a deep breath, and I gave them the choice.
"We are here because there was something I had to ask all of you, that being a question of if you would all like to come with me to the past. I have run into some people who acted as we did in the past, and I do believe it would be fun to get to know them. You see, I have a secret I've been keeping from you, and I hope you understand. I happen to be a time traveler who has traveled many times to the past. I managed to become friends with my grandmother and mother when they where younger, and they understood as most of the females in my moms side of the family were also time travelers." I looked up to see most of them looking very suprised, and I understood. It was a lot to take in all at once. My two older sisters were smileing at everyone else. They had known for a while, and they had gone with me on multiple occasions. They had agreed we would all go together since my mom had told us about our power.
"I'm in, and so are my sister and brother," said Luna, refering to Astral and Luner, who were both smileing and nodding there heads. Avangaline and Angel of course shouted yes after them, the two sisters high fiveing eachother. I smiled and looked at my sisters, who were also smileing and nodding their heads. I claped my hand, looked back at the group, and said, "So, who's ready to visit the past?" I couldn't believe I just asked that, because all at the same time, they answered.

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