16 Bars of Saga-

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lyric Hip hop. original

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013




Saga be the story as 40 s pour and wet the ground up.

Sun’ll shine for some while rain is all that’s left for others.

Starett city is the Place where Saga first ripped a mike up

5 yrs old on the jungle Gym had to slap a dike up.

Whitty Ni**a’s Pretty Ni**ga’s claim they are the hardest

I Bags em tag em Santa Clause em like I was there father.

Father like God yehova is to Jesus when Im tested

Jewels In a Bag Like Joey comin back to leave your mom dead.

Ode to Rachel- Dear you drinkin Beer on ancient

Sands when in Egypt,teachers preachin sphinx while mama feeds me Bennies, cause I need em

Roses grow in Brooklyn and haircuts fade in every season.

So what Im bout to show ya let ya know cause seeing is believin’

Im funky -Junky- pizza, eatin burpin your girls pie up.

Daveys Boy Ladys Boy Im drinkin' F**N apple cider-

Wash you with the microphone Make shure your diaper pailed up.

Have you cryin in the rain like some off the wall and Boys 2 men ish

Thinkin bout the Cyper bring yer wife your gonna need her

Techs el 'spray the underground and leave that Heiney bleedin

Bleeding heart the drama finding psalms to motivate me

You’ll be swearin to the devil like 40 days out in the desert

Desert eagle precision pound’ll cock and drop you with a quickness

Apostle creed ya heed the the warning- quick and dead when cyper breathin

Boom box- pop rocks -dancing silly- skelly like Biggy told ya” ya mamas nice she bound to walk all “ awkward aly”-- Saga Tellin stories -6 ft 4 B’s Knickerbockers Lee with the spike-cord and seat you at the garden, Eve in eden- if you eatin- aint gonna turn out nicely.

And seven in heaven the blessed prevention hooks is to fishes an intervention

Wine is to mine the divine you'll recline - if- holding microphone- thou art is mine.

Watching and waiting counted the second the minutes the hours the time

Im prayin your needin' a slayin'and sayin you need me –lil Saga ya pa.-

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