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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic



Other Music -fusion -Balladry 

Raga Saga/ ...Jagger and Sympathy 

Burden in occitan Bladder and fleece/

dadgad kashmier words on Pages to erase. 

Enormity plate of Muse cupids to occular/

Erebus in Darkness Aether to Euthanize

Styles smile black-white pinstripe 

BadBrains -Black flag -Iggy Pop 

Dolamite....Mineral like Gold to Parliment

intrinsic ....

Far from Last Supper 

Eyes as Big as the stomach.

Cornicopius blend 7 Days

blast of the Ramshorn 

OMFUG weak plug 

find BC on youtube.(c)2013 lyrahydracoma


Submitted: June 25, 2013

© Copyright 2020 LyraHydraComa. All rights reserved.

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